Gone With The Wynns | Tote Bag

Curiosity is the driving force behind our thirst for exploration and discovery. Literally and philosophically.

After 6 extraordinary years, 3 continents and some of the most remote islands in the world, the original sails from CURIOSITY have been retired and repurposed.

You now hold a piece of this story in your hand and while the journey is ever-evolving, the mission remains the same: Cultivate Curiosity.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

Jason & Nikki Wynn


Every bag is unique and made by hand by world-class sailmakers, the perfect size for all of the essentials. 

NB: Each bag is unique therefore the colour and patches may vary. Delivery approx July 2022.

X Large Tote dimensions: 68cm wide x 45cm high

Large Tote dimensions: 42cm wide x 32cm high

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